We believe that the best form of advertising is “word of mouth” and have a number of testimonials should you wish to check our credibility and workmanship.

Job well done!

Many thanks for a job well done! It looks great and should surely add value to the property!
Bruce and Dee Winterbach

Absolutely love our kitchen

We absolutely love our kitchen, and hopefully the painting will be done within the next 2 weeks. So fantastic. You have been mentioned on my blog and facebook sites, highly recommended to all. If you ever want support in promoting your green kitchen designs, just let me know. You have done an AWESOME job with the kitchen.
Kim Taylor

Absolutely stunning

We would like to say thank you for the efficient and professional service we received from you and your team. The kitchen is absolutely stunning. Everthing of the best for the future.
Ian and Tracy Samuels

Super Job!

Thanks so much for a super job. We really enjoying the new space!
Romy Parker

It is flawless

Thank you so much for the work you did, it is flawless. Have a good weekend.
Christopher Mills


Thanks for the great install Mike! We are thrilled!!! It really looks awesome though. Thank you so much. Fantastic job thank you. You have made the fussiest customer in Cape Town happy. What a difference it makes to the kitchen. Thanks again.
Susan van der Valk

Very pleased

Thanks for your work on the new kitchen. We're very pleased with the result.
Erik Fuller

Looks Great!

The kitchen looks great now that it has been made over. Thank you.
Alex and Pam Dose

Immaculate installation

I just wanted to say thank you for giving us our first decent sized "Shabby" job and then a big thanks to Mrs Saayman for allowing us to photograph it. We have always thought the finish had potential but no-one has really had the guts to go for it in a full kitchen. We go to a lot of sites, we see a lot of fitting (there are some big players who have shocking installers) and your client site is immaculate - it really is a pleasure for us to see. I hope "Shabby" is now your niche product and we sell truck loads of it in the coming months.
Guy and Camilla Mountford


Thank you for an outstanding job once again!
Nina Kotze

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